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Dave Harder

Speaker-Parish Collective

Dave is the pastor of a parish church called The Journey; a faith community comprised by a diverse group of friends who are seeking a common life together with their neighbours. Dave is an area connector with the Parish Collective and consults with churches and leaders who want to engage in a more place based vision of the local church. He is the co-founder of the Good City People; where he can be found in local conversations, place-based initiatives, and learning platforms, helping everyday citizens to leverage their time, their ideas, and their creativity for the well being of their neighbourhoods.  He loves his city and can be found curating conversations at local coffee shops, scheming new social initiatives that seek human flourishing or engaging the deeper spiritual longings of his neighbours. He is married to co-conspirator Kari and has three children, Emily(18), Kellan(15) and Kayla(11).