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Cheri Otterbein (She/Her)

I began my yoga journey in the early 2000’s when I signed up for an introductory yoga class with my husband because I thought it would be a fun activity that we could do together.  20 years later, my love of yoga continues.  

In 2015 I completed my yoga teacher training in Hatha Yoga with the Sacred Movement Yoga School based in Ottawa and currently am an instructor at Movati in Waterloo.  I love introducing beginners to the balance of movement and stillness that is yoga and I am passionate about making yoga part of a daily routine.  In 2013 I was introduced to a 50 day yoga challenge and have managed to do at least 20 minutes of yoga every day since then.  This had led to completing my daily practice in unusual places including airports, ball diamonds, campgrounds, trains and boats.


When I’m not on my mat, I can be found baking cinnamon buns, doing custom quilting with my longarm, taking long walks or swinging my partner at a square dance.