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Harzel Katembe


Harzel Katembe is a 24 years old student studying Business Administration (Finance). She is the current student President at the Kenya Methodist University – Mombasa.  She is the lastborn of a family of three children and hails from Mombasa County. Harzel has been an active member of KAACR since 2007 when the Child Rights Club was launched in her school, of which she became Chairperson. During her time, the club managed to lobby the Mombasa Municipality to rebuild a new Mikindani Primary School. Now in university, Harzel still holds the flag of KAACR, taking part in activities in the community, facilitating children and spreading the gospel on the children rights. She is currently working on a project with KAACR to educate the community more on the importance of education to a child and all the rights of the child.