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John VanDuzer


Author of two books, “LOONIE: Crazy talk about Faith and Finances” and “Amen.” John is a speaker in high demand. Featured on CBC Radio’s “Tapestry.”   John is a marketing professional specializing in fundraising. One of the nation’s top creative directors, he’s helped Canadian charities raise over a BILLION dollars in the past ten years!  Back in 2014, John delivered a 7-week sermon series that eventually became “LOONIE.”  Since then, he’s been tackling The Lord’s Prayer in an effort to help people make it their prayer, too. The result of this work is the book, “Amen.” which will be launched at Skylight!  And speaking of Skylight, John’s agency www.wishart.net re-booted the Skylight brand this year with a new logo, designs and website. You’re soaking in it!