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Mike McHargue


Mike McHargue (better known as Science Mike) is an author (Finding God In The Waves, Convergent, 2016), podcaster, and speaker focused on the science behind spiritual experiences. Mike lost his faith via atheism as an adult, but rediscovered God in cosmology and neuroscience–a journey that lead to his life’s mission: helping people reconcile their faith with modern science.

Mike cofounded The Liturgists with Michael Gungor of the award winning band Gungor. Together they assembled a diverse cast of contributors including Rob Bell, Rachel Held Evans, & Amena Brown. Part of The Liturgists’ work is a popular podcast, The Liturgists Podcast. By examining topics through the lenses of science, art, and faith with a commitment to open, honest discussions, The Liturgists Podcast has attracted hundreds of thousands of listeners of remarkable diversity including not only a broad swath of Christianity, but also the religiously unaffiliated–including agnostics and atheists.

Mike also hosts a weekly questions-and-answer podcast called Ask Science Mike with over 250,000 monthly downloads. Ask Science Mike is a safe space for people to share questions they’ve always been afraid to ask about science, faith, and life. Mike also blogs on his website, in addition to writing for RELEVANT, Don Miller’s Storyline, and BioLogos.

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