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Moses Mbithi


Moses Mbithi is one of the members of the Kenya Alliance Advancement for Children (KAACR) delegation. He is currently studying Peace and Conflict studies at Nazarene University – Nairobi. Moses’ life begun in Kibera – the largest urban slum in Africa. Most Kibera residents live in extreme poverty, earning less than $1/day. There are few schools, and most people cannot afford an education for their children. Clean water is scarce; diseases caused by poor hygiene are prevalent. A great majority living in the slum lack access to basic services, including electricity, running water, and medical care. These circumstances gave Moses the courage to get involved in social awareness and excel academically from primary through high school where he was declared an “Academic Leader” by his peers in Makutano High school.

In 2005 Moses was the UN Children Spokesperson on behalf of East African children. The exposure enabled him to travel with KAACR to South Africa, Mali, Ethiopia, and the UN offices in New York City. While speaking at the UN headquarters, Moses had the pleasure of discussing youth issues with former President Bill Clinton and had interactions with the then Senator and former President Barack Obama.