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Randell Adjei

Performing Artist, Spoken Word

Randell Adjei is a passionate and devoted leader in his community. He currently serves as the
Executive and Creative Director of R.I.S.E (Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere)
Edutainment. Randell is an Inspirational speaker, spreading the message of personal alchemy
while encouraging audiences to find their purpose and serve the world.

Randell started life with many challenges, from issues at home with his father to trouble with the
law at the tender age of 12. He was an angry child full of rage with no way to express his anger.
It was when Randell was 13, after being kicked out of his former school where he was given an
opportunity to tell his story and transform him life. His grade 8 teacher was the first to ever listen
and show she genuinely cared. She gave him a pen and paper and helped Randell discover his
passion for writing and poetry. Since Randell has travelled the world sharing he story. He has
transformed his life from rock to gold and seeks to do the same for others.

Randell is an Arts practitioner working with 3 major school boards in the Greater Toronto Area,
weaving growth mindset and arts introspection into their curriculums. He was also a cohort 2
fellow of MaRS Discovery District’s Studio Y program. Randell Graduated from the Business
Program at the REMIX Project in 2013 and has since developed his professional and personal

Randell was a lead consultant in the development of the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy in 2015.
He is 1 of 4 coaches in the Toronto Public Library’s Poetry saved our lives program. In 2017
Randell received NOW Magazine’s Local Hero Award. His most distinguished honour was in
2015 where Randell was nominated CBC’s Torontonian of the year.

In November of 2018, Randell released his 1st book titled ‘I Am not my struggles’, a collection of
poetry highlighting the power of transforming pain to power. The book has received lots of
praise for its wittiness and vulnerability.