Harzel Katembe

Jul 20, 2019

Harzel Katembe is a 24 years old student studying Business Administration (Finance). She is the current student President at the Kenya Methodist University – Mombasa.  She is the lastborn of a family of three…

Julian Ochieng Omanje

Jul 20, 2019

Julian Ochieng Omanje is a 22 years old student at KCA University – Kisumu Campus pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Procurement and Logistics. Julian is a second last born in a family of…

Sam Cavanagh

Jul 20, 2019

Sam Cavanagh is a yoga instructor, theological educator, art-maker and researcher/writer living in Parkdale, Toronto. Sam began practicing yoga as a teenager and has been dedicated ever since. Sam has completed over 400 hours…

Moses Mbithi

Jul 20, 2019

Moses Mbithi is one of the members of the Kenya Alliance Advancement for Children (KAACR) delegation. He is currently studying Peace and Conflict studies at Nazarene University – Nairobi. Moses’ life begun in Kibera…

Joshua Fernandes

Jul 20, 2019

Joshua jokes that he is a burnt-out activist, recovering from a young male ego. He hopes to approach outer social change through the frame of inner spiritual transformation. He loves cycling, cooking, civic engagement…

Evan Noodin Smith & Jesse Swance

Jul 18, 2019

The Reverend Evan Noodin Smith Rev. Evan Smith is ordained in the United Church of Canada and is the minister at Toronto Urban Native Ministry in Regent Park, Toronto. Evan is Queer, Two-Spirit, Anishinaabe,…

Richelle Miller

Jul 17, 2019

Richelle is a Six Nations artist who has been instrumental in creating the Music for the Spirit arts camp.

Chris Davies

Jul 08, 2019

Chris S. Davies is a Connecticut, US native and a Cleveland transplant and a wandering Irish Rover at heart.  She loves the church deeply, and is committed to finding ways to continue to bring…

Sunia Gibbs

Jul 08, 2019

Sunia is an artist and faith leader in pursuit of creative innovation that promotes connectivity and belonging. As an abstract painter and musician, she creates from conversations and experiences anchored to people and place.…

Randell Adjei

Jul 06, 2019

Randell Adjei is a passionate and devoted leader in his community. He currently serves as the Executive and Creative Director of R.I.S.E (Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere) Edutainment. Randell is an Inspirational speaker, spreading the…