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Forest Church Collective

Wendy Janzen, James Ravenscroft & Glen Warren

Started in the United Kingdom where there are now many groups, and connected in North America as the Wild Church Network, Forest Church is the name taken by groups who seek to connect with God/Spirit in the wilderness, our watersheds and the wider ecosystem of the natural world. Forest Church groups strive to create safe and welcoming experiences for those of any faith or none, for all who appreciate an earth-centred spirituality.
Wendy Janzen has always felt a deep spiritual connection to the land. In 2016 she founded Burning Bush Forest church, an experimental outdoor worshiping community that meets once a month in wild spaces in and around Kitchener-Waterloo. She is married, is a mother of two school-aged boys, and is a part-time pastor at St. Jacobs Mennonite Church.
James Ravenscroft first experienced a forest Church worship experience while at the Greenbelt Festival in the UK and knew right

Glen Warren & James Ravenscroft

away he wanted to begin something like this in Canada, first hosting outdoor experiential prayer events in Alberta and now in Richmond Hill where James is a minister with the United Church. James co-hosts Three Rivers Forest Church with his spouse Glen Warren who has felt a connection to the divine in nature for as long as he can remember. Three Rivers Forest Church meets once a month and varies between meditative nature experiences and services connected to the Celtic calendar.